#1 for hands

safety during hammering works


no more finger injuries

during  hammer or sledge-hammer works

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№1 for hands safety


what is our device for?

Worker’s Hands – the most indispensable tool! Reducing the risk of injury to a minimum repeatedly increases the working capacity of workers and repeatedly reduces the costs associated with the medical treatment and disability of workers.


The most common type of fastening are threaded connections and, of course, workers most often use tools to work with the slugging wrench for nuts, including hammers. That brings these works to the level of the most traumatic

Usually, holding the wrenches performed on the central part, and hits with a hammer or a sledgehammer on the remaining part of the handle, while the hand is in a dangerous zone of impact. That is why hand injuries in hammering work are one of the most common in the workplace


Protect your employees from injuries resulting in: exquisite pain, joint damage, infection, sick leave, disability, etc.. It is not profitable neither to you nor to the employee.

Watch the video about the importance of the fingersaver

About Safety

Why hammering works are dangerous?

Unbearable pain. Infection. Surgery.

Sick. Disability Amputation.


This can be avoided!

!These are the main frequent consequences of such an injury:

ATTENTION! Not to look nervous!

device in operation

Watch the video how the device protects your hands during hammering works

Guarantee of authenticity and proven practicality of the product by protective hologram!

Each product has an unique identification number!


what are the features?


Hands are at a sufficient distance from the place of impact


For all sizes of slugging wrenches


For different types of work


When a hit is miss - fingersaver does not fall apart

Cold resisting property

For any climate zone

Intrinsically safe

For all facilities, including hazardous production facilities

Works at height

Lanyard included


For workplaces where there are limited working conditions.




  • Device
  • Specification
  • Protective tube
  • lanyard


For conditions when the area of work space allows the use of a large hammer or sledge hammer.



  • Device
  • Specification
  • Protective tube
  • lanyard


«long» 85 SM

For the simultaneous work of two people - the first holds the slugging wrench by fingersaver, the second one perform hits to the wrench, for example, by a sledgehammer.



  • Device
  • Specification
  • Protective tube
  • lanyard

0 injuries

up to 3x times liferun longer than analogues. Specially selected composition of plastic body.

100 KgF lanyard breaking load

0.7 kg device weight

More than 1000 hand injuries were avoided when using the device

Device №1 for hand safety during hammering works

Value of use

Why to buy a Fingersaver?

You do not get painful injuries, and therefore do not spend money and precious time on treatment.

The total time of work is reduced due to the fact that you fully apply the impact force on the key.

Wrench is securely held by the grip.

Your choice in favor of safety is obvious!

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